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Good News People - Week 3

Mar 19, 2023    Pastor Josh Boyd

In this Lenten series we focus on God’s good news and repent of the ways we have failed to live it out. Would our community recognize our church as good news? This series asks hard questions: Why did those outside the fold so often recognize Jesus as good news, but the religious viewed him as a threat? Have we abandoned the good news by putting our trust in political and religious leaders instead of in the God who alone can save? In reflecting on these questions, the congregation will be encouraged to respond with repentance.

Main Idea: Jesus was not afraid of the powers that sought to eliminate him, but he was grieved by the spiritual state of Jerusalem, whose leaders would not accept God’s messengers.

Challenge: We so frequently rail against the world that we forget how often God warns against religious institutions. As believers, we must continually respond to the good news with repentance. Our need to repent never goes away.