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To My Friend Who Left the Faith - Week 2

May 28, 2023    Pastor Josh Boyd

This series is based on the book To My Friend Who Left the Faith by Wade Bearden, and addresses four reasons that so many individuals have abandoned church in recent years.

In response, Bearden asks four questions,

#1 Does doubt have a place in church?

#2 How do I know that Christianity is true?

#3 If God is so good, why do some Christians act so terribly?

#4 How can a good God allow so much pain and suffering?

Big Idea of Message: Paul reminds the Corinthian church that the foundational Gospel message—Christ's atoning death, burial, and bodily resurrection—has been verified and passed down by the apostles.

Challenge: Christianity doesn’t have anything to hide. We must go to the Bible, to the church, and to God with our questions and doubts.