Lead Pastor – Joshua Boyd

Pastors Joshua Boyd and his wife Becky Boyd

My wife, Becky, and I are from northwest Indiana, about an hour from downtown Chicago, and were high school sweethearts.  We attended Taylor University, where I studied Youth Ministry & Psychology and she studied Education.  While in college, we began working in full-time ministry at a small inner-city church.  From there, they went on to serve at two larger churches in Indiana, participating in every aspect of church ministry, primarily working with children through college age ministries.

After over 10 years of church ministry, we knew it was time for us to be a part of something “different”!

So, we packed up and moved to Las Vegas, NV to help plant a brand new church and be a part of something special and outside of the box.  It was a wild ride and things didn’t unfold how we expected, but we knew that Las Vegas was exactly where we were supposed to be!  We kept seeking God, working hard and dreaming about what could be.

Then, I met with Craig Gross of XXX Church and told him I felt called to start the first ministry 100% dedicated to the sport of MMA.  He helped us get things in order and FIGHT CHURCH was born!  We currently work with all of the major MMA gyms and organizations here in the fight capital of the world.  God continues to swing doors wide open for us to minister to the practical and spiritual needs of fighters, coaches and their families.  In just 6 years, we now have 8 Fight Church Ministry Affiliates up and running, in 4 different countries!

The core of our ministry team has been our 3 amazing children (Josiah, Rachel, Joel).  They each have a unique set of skills and talents and are all very active in Fight Church, as well as, various ministries here at Life Christian Church.  Our family loves people, music, movies, the city and the outdoors.  In the summer we hang out down at Lake Mead or at a pool and the rest of the year, we are seeing shows at The Smith Center, where my wife works, participating in Jiu Jitsu tournaments, or hiking up at Red Rock Canyon.

Jumping back into full-time church ministry has been an adventure.  I have really enjoyed speaking regularly again and look forward to praying, studying and preparing for messages.  We are super excited to see where God is taking Life Christian Church and how we all fit into that plan.

Teaching Pastor – Burton Hughes

Pastor Burton

I’m not impressed with me and I hope you aren’t either, because that’s really not the point. But to satisfy curiosity, I’ve been married for forty years to my wife Toni, have three amazing kids — Cameron, Emma, and Lizzy, and the same number of grand kids… at least until there’s more.

My parents raised me to love Jesus. Dad was a pastor who always had a “regular” job too, and Mom was always sharing her faith with anyone who would listen. I knew I would follow in my father’s footsteps, and have been honored to pastor churches in Kona, Hawaii and Las Vegas, Nevada for over twenty years.

My ministry training and ordinations include Thy Word Ministries — Hilo, Hawaii. Faith Christian Fellowship (FCF) Int’l — Tulsa, Oklahoma. Faith Community Churches — Tucson, Arizona. And, Trinity College and Theological Seminary — Evansville, Indiana.

Like Dad, I also have a “regular” job — managing an awesome staff at Subaru of Las Vegas while enjoying my passion for all things automotive. When I’m not driving, I love to sail our family sloop off the Channel Islands in Southern California.

Oh, and did I mention, I love Jesus, and people, and sushi?

Administrator and Nursery Ministry Director- Cat Fajardo

Cat Fajardo with (from right to left) her husband Jay and daughter Callie

Hi! I’m originally from sunny California. I grew up in a very small town (pop. 2000) in the Sierra mountains near Yosemite National Park. Growing up there was quite an adventure every day! I consider myself very blessed to grow up where I did, although I wouldn’t have said that as a kid. I love the outdoors and nature with a passion and take pride in my Native American ancestry.

I was a small girl in a small town with big dreams of the big city! Being raised in a Christian cult definitely put a limit on my life and made my dreams seem more like fairytales. Trying to follow all the rules of the organization was very hard but then a miracle happened. After a lifetime of spiritual and physical abuse, God gave my Mother and Father the strength to leave the congregation. I thank them for the courage to leave and provide freedom in my life. Soon after that my oldest brother passed away and it was a huge impact on my life and what life meant to me. I went through years of struggling with a connection/relationship with God and wasn’t able to trust any church or religious branch to help me through the rehabilitation I was doing.

I finished school early and went on to have a successful career as an Aesthetician and traveled around California until I felt my calling to move to Las Vegas. I had no idea what I was going to do or where I was going to stay. I didn’t know anyone and for a single mom of a toddler it was the scariest and riskiest decision I had ever made. The voice was strong though and it gave me the courage to blindly move. I moved to Las Vegas and a few days later I met my soulmate and now husband. It didn’t take long for my Dad to miss his granddaughter so much he couldn’t take it, so he moved to Las Vegas also, where he spent the last two years of his life with us.

He passed away unexpectedly in his sleep not long after that. I was in the greatest grief and called my good friend Pastor Josh to talk, I knew I could trust him. Then I started attending Life Christian Church for comfort. There was a genuine sense of family connection and holy spirit here that I had never felt at the previous mega churches I visited.

A couple months later my 7-year-old daughter, unknowingly, developed anaphylaxis and had an anaphylactic attack which caused her throat to swell up and cut off her breathing. This was a life changing moment when my life turned around. There is so much effort I was putting into pointless things and I finally saw how important every moment is. Going through my daughter’s rehabilitation and fighting her autoimmune disease was the only thing that mattered. I learned how to put God first and serve his purpose. Through this healing journey I learned how to support and teach others how to cure their child’s mental and physical diseases. I’ve created a non-profit called ‘Regenerate To Genesis’ which helps provide resources and funds to rehabilitate autistic children and support the medically injured. I also serve as a fulltime teacher at a local Christian school.

I.T. Support – Alex Williams

Alex-Arthur Williams

Born in Atlanta, Georgia on March 25th, 1992 I’m the youngest of 3 children in my family, having an older sister and brother who are 13 and 14, respectively, years older. I was born into a Christian home going to a church pastored by Ralph David Abernathy, a close friend of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I originally moved to Las Vegas in 1994 when my family relocated to Atlanta and started elementary school here but in 1999 my parents and me moved to Lithonia, Ga, a suburb east of Atlanta.

Back in Atlanta me and my mother began to re-attend the church I was born into where I became a part of the youth group there singing in the youth choir, was a part of the youth ushering team and a member of the Boy Scouts troop hosted by our church. As I neared graduating high school I started to helping the sound team at my church learning how to do sound. I moved back to Las Vegas in 2010 to attend UNLV to major in Civil Engineering, eventually switching and graduating with a degree in Computer Science.

Since coming back to Las Vegas, I’ve been an active member of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, becoming a member of the Public Relations team and running the group’s visuals. In August 2013 I was hired as a Guest Services representative as an Usher at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace where I’ve had the awesome opportunity to see and, sometimes, get to know Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Elton John, Reba McIntyre, and Brooks and Dunn just to name a few. From there I recently volunteered as a Stadium Servant (i.e. an Usher) at, while attending for a 2nd time, Urbana 15: a tri-annual student missions conference hosted by InterVarsity: Urbana 15 in St. Louis, MO where over 16,000 students from across the United States and Canada come to find where God is leading them in missions.

Moving to Vegas to attend school was the last resort option for me but God has shown me it was the ideal place for me to go! I’ve had a ton of opportunities to use what I learned in the church here at Life Christian Church, UNLV and Las Vegas and I’m excited to see what he has in store for us here going forward!

LIFE Leadership – Andre & Tina Dortch

From left to right: Tina and Andre

With a storied past behind them and an uncertain future ahead, Andre and Tina Dortch began attending All People Church in 2011. Genuine, caring outreach efforts by one of the former pastor’s wives (Jorie Holman) touched Tina. As a couple, they decided to give the small, neighborhood church a try. They stayed for the biblical education and warmth. A merger with New Horizons Church (which became today’s Life Christian Church) felt right,”….forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead…” (Philippians 4:3-14). Today, the seams are not visible; Andre and Tina love their church and their church family.

LIFE Leadership – Joe & Debbie Edillon

From left to right: Joe and Debbie

We have been coming to Life Christian Church for over 4 years, after being invited by the Kirby’s. Right away we felt at “home”. The people are caring and friendly and we were able to jump in right away and begin serving which is in both of our hearts. Joe has been a greeter, usher and plays on the worship team when his work schedule permits and Debbie is a greeter and a small group leader. We truly care about our church and those who attend.